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430                           LIFE OF
the earth.    The grief of those present was too deep
for words; they all felt what he had been to the world
and to his country.
The children he left behind him were—
1.  Caroline,, bom in Erfurt, 1792.    She was never
majiieds and died soon after her father.
2.  Theodor, who took the name Hmnboldt-Dache-
roden, was born in Jena in 1797; is married^ and has
two children—a promising son named Wilhelm, and
a girl called Mathilda    He still lives in Ottmachan.
3.  Adelheid?  born in Paris in  1800 ;  married to
General von Hedeinann.
4.  Gahxiele, bom in Berlin in I8023 was married to
the Prussian minister Yon Billow, who died in 1846.
She has a son and four daughters.
5.  Hermann,  bora in  Rome in  1809.    He lives
unmarried., on his portion of the estate of Ottmachan.
Humboldt left a considerable fortune, and a very
explicit testament    His property was valued at' above
600,000 dollars   (90,0002.),  and  consisted  partly in
estates^ which he had inherited from his father or
obtained through Ms wife, or those he had received
from the state.    In his -will, he divided the estates so
that the portions of his sons were separated from
those of his daughters.    The sons obtained the effcate
of Ottmachan; of which Ottmachan Nitterwite '®md
a villa in Anleben were left to Theodor^ and Ottma-
chan. Friedrichseck to Hermann.     The  castle  and
estate of Burg6mer? and the castle of Tegel, with all
its treasures^ were left to the eldest daughter, Caroline.,
with the clause that this inheritance should be left
from  OHO sister to tie other.    At present, Madame'
wn Hedemaan is the proprietress of Burgorner and
Tegel; bnt as she is dbiildless, the youngest daughter
and her children will succeed to the property.    Hum-
boldt made the clause,, that Tegel should remain in
its present condition, and neither be sold nor divided^
as long as any member1 of the family Eras who lired
there witii Mm.
An important legacy was bequeathed to the